Our Members

Allegheny Highlands Alliance (AHA) has organizational members in WV, VA, MD, PA, and NC, including:

Save Our Allegheny Ridges
Friends of Blackwater Canyon
Healthcare Professionals Against Commercial Wind in the Appalachian Mountains
Highlanders for Responsible Development
Keepers of the Blue Ridge
Laurel Mountain Preservation Association
Mountain Ridge Protection Act Alliance
Allegheny Front Alliance
Friends of the Allegheny Front
Friends of Beautiful Pendleton County
Responsible Wind Power in Rockingham County
Virginia Ridgeline Protection Alliance

Allegheny Highlands Alliance Memberships:

West Virginia Highlands Conservancy AHA is a member of WVHC and has a Organizational Director Seat

Other resources available:

Allegheny Treasures
Vermonters for a Clean Environment
Stop These Things
Virginia Wind
New Hampshire Wind Watch
Energize Vermont
Friends of the Highland Mountains
Chris Bolgiano, Mildly Amusing Nature Writer
Brightside Acres